The capacity of codec


I have two question about the capacity of codec.

  1. What is the maximum capacity of the converter?
  2. How to know the remaining capacity for the encode codec, decode codec and converter?


Hi zcs,

We provide the Software Features doc to describer the support of TX2, please refer to encoder and decoder tables from below link:

And, you can refer to ACCELERATED GSTREAMER USER GUIDE to know how to use:


Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your reply.

I have read these documents, but they do not have any description about the capacity of the converter and how to know the remaining capacity for the hardware codec.

Hi zcs,

You can take a look at . Which is the module data sheet.

Hi vickyy,

I have read this doc, but I can not find the answer for my question.

By “remaining capacity,” do you mean some kind of software interface that would tell application software the %load on the encoding circuitry?
I have not seen any such interface documented or available.
However, the load seems to be very linear in the parameters (especially data size / rate) used, so you might be able to come up with a very good estimate based simply on how you configure the device.

Hi snarky,
Thanks for your reply.