The color of image from gmsl camera is not correct.


I found that I can’t identify the red and yellow light on the image captured from gmsl camera.
Because the color of red and yellow almost look same.

When using sample_camera_gmsl, the color of red traffic light looks like yellow.
When using sample_camera_gmsl_raw, the color of yellow traffic light looks like red.

The same problem when using nvmedia(ipp_raw, img_cap…)

Hardware: PX2, Sekonix 3325 Rev7
Software: Driveworks 1.2 DriveOS

Is there any approach setting of gsml camera makes the right color?

When I look at video recorded many years ago, the color looks correct.
At that time, DriveOS version is 4.x.x.x.
How can I recovery the Drive OS 4.x.x.x?

Dear jinj,

Could you please help to refer to ISP(Image Signal Processing) section in DriveWorks doc for this topic? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thanks for your reply.

I have read ISP document for many times. Both software ISP or hardware ISP will not work well.
And the documents don’t have any information about color.
I have also tried the nvmedia API for controlling AWB or exposure, and it still doesn’t work.

Please give me some tips.

Dear jinj,

I think the color thing you mentioned is because the camera is an RCCB.
We used RCCB sensors instead of RGGB for Machine Vision.

Regarding AE/AWB, you can supply their own Auto Control Plugins, similar to NvMediaIPP AE/AWB Plugins, with SIPL starting with the following release Drive Software on DriveAGX not DrivePX2. Thanks.