The confusion in connecting OV5693 with TX1 in hardware

When I try to design the hardware which can support 6 camera working together, I have a problem about the way that ov5693 connects with TX1.
Let me explain this problem: as we all know that OV5693 have three kinds of power which is DVDD,AVDD and DOVDD, the following is as datasheet shows
so typically, we define DVDD as 1.2V,AVDD as 2.8V,DOVDD as 1.8V.But in the file name Jetson_TX1_Developer_Kit_Camera_Module_Design_Files_A01, I found that there just have two kinds of power level which are VDD_CAM_1V8_CAM as 1.8V and VDD_CAM_FQ_HV_CAM as 2.8V. so problem is coming.
In TX1, how to provide the power of core of OV5693 which is 1.2V.Can anybody help me to solve this problem, thanks!

If you look at TX1 camera module schematics, only VDD_CAM_1V8_CAM as 1.8V and VDD_CAM_FQ_HV_CAM are applied to the OV5693 module (J2). The OV5693 modules have 1.2V regulators for the OV5693 chips.

If you make your OV5693 modules, you may want to include 1.2V regulators.

This answer help me a lot, thank you!