The createAcceleration API


So I was learning the sample code and I found a question about the API,
so the createAcceleration API is from the Optix API and I know it’s used for speed up the intersection check.

My question is in the sample code it’s like the following:

GeometryGroup geometry_group = context->createGeometryGroup();
geometry_group->setAcceleration( context->createAcceleration( “Trbvh” ) );

I only found the Trbvh and NoAccel words.
So is this implemented inside the API? Is there any other options besides this two?

It seems like the API reference is not mention anything about this.


3.5.3Acceleration structure properties. This section contains the information about the builders.

The reason you only really see Trbvh is because it is considered the fastest in terms of build times and raytracing performance at the expense of slightly higher memory usage.

Noaccel should really not be used at all, and is just provided as an option.