The customer project was developed based on Jetpack3.3, the program to fail to load Jetpack4.4

we develop the TX2 Module based on Jetback3.3, recently buy a new vision TX2 Module, but found fail to load our program, do you have any suggestion for this,thanks

hello rico.deng,

it may be different TX2 hardware revisions. could you please compare the S/N with your two TX2 modules.

Hi Jerry:
Has compare the S/N, its new version,do we have a patch or other solution for this situation,

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hello rico.deng,

sorry, you should share the part number to check the module difference,
for example, 699-83310-****-***.
here’s Jetson TX2 PCN for your reference,

Hi Jerry:
please check below picture, please help,thanks

that’s it, any Jetson TX2 module with 699 level part number version greater than or equal to D02 may be affected by this PCN.

hello rico.deng,

please check Linux for Tegra R28.2.1 | NVIDIA Developer,
you should apply the patch PCN206440 for TX2, i.e.,

got it,thanks a lot

Hi Jarry:
we still have a qustion,our end customer want use the old version module, can we ask your factory ship the old one to us?

Hi rico.deng,

Please contact with our distributor to see if can help you.
We don’t know if still any old version module at partner side.

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