The design of TX1/TX2 baseplate

We have made 2 developments on the basis of the official floor board. The floor board we designed has a name of 8025. The following are the questions:

Problem phenomenon:

TX1 can start normally when the baseplate 8025 is used, and the network port and USB interface can work normally.

When TX2 uses the chassis 8025, though it can be activated, the interface between the network port and the USB can not be used.

Try to solve:

On the TX2 module:

1, HDMI already has image output, indicating that the module has started. The upgrade program’s USB port can be used.

2, on the demo board, you can use USB port correctly to eliminate software problems.

3, the problem of USB power supply is excluded.


some configuration pins may be affected when it is possible to start.

I hope to get the answer.

Please refer to

You should need the change in device tree.