The device abnormal restart when pulgin HDMI

The device abnormal restart when pulgin HDMI, help to analyze,thank you!
reboot_log.txt (7.0 MB)

Again, I guess this is custom board, right?

If so, share the schematic and your device tree setup. Just share full dmesg. Do not past the whole syslog to us.

I cut out one reboot dmesg log from the log file, why “tegradc tegradc.0: blank - powerdown”? The customer say: they made the hdmi plug tests, and found it.

reboot_log_1.txt (91.1 KB)

smpsq.dts (332.8 KB)

Please just boot up the device, hotplug HDMI once and immediately dump dmesg. Do not dump message after 1203131 sec.

Seriously, you should read the log before sharing it out. If those things provide no information, then do not share it.

Does this issue happen on only one module or every module has it?

This is not a 100% problem, this log is our customer supplied.
It is just hadppen in hdmi plug test, maybe hdmi plug out/in 80 times, maybe 30 times, the sence had been destroyed, it just give us the log. I’m afraid there’s something missing, so uplode the all file.
we had seen the log , it is mainly:
“tegradc tegradc.0: FB 41943040 is NOT enough for 4294967232x4027218080 32bpp!
tegradc tegradc.0: blank - powerdown”
I didn’t find the fist log in the code, we find “blank - powerdown” in code, but don’t how to trigger it . so I hope you can help me.

And if we ask customer to repeat the problem, how to debug it, we just kown, they will dmesg when found reboot.

You can learn to clarify with your customer about the situation first.

Check whether this issue happens to only one module or every module, check whether this happens to only your custom board or even devkit.

This issue is not only one module, because the hdmi plug test times is 100, some device happened, not all and not one, from them, there are 3 devices.
And they just catch the log on one device, they think it is the same problem, the one device log is ok.

Also check the "carrier board’ is fine or not.

you means your demo board?

  1. Does this issue happen on your custom board or even the NV devkit?

  2. If this is only on custom board, how about you test this issue on your side first so that we don’t need to wait for your customer to test and reply.

yes ,the issue is also happen on our board, we can test it.

we test and it happened, it should our code problem, but, I had not resolved,help to analyze it.
lt9611.c (92.4 KB)
reboot_log_0309.txt (65.5 KB)

Your log looks totally not same as your customer’s error… They are not same issue.

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