The device cann't boot when long press powerkey

The device cann’t boot when long press powerkey.
We check log, when long press powerkey, it didn’t enter fastboot mode, but cann’t start-up success.
long-press-powerkey-faile.txt (43.2 KB)

@rd1 not sure I fully understood your issue. Did you set your device into deep sleep mode and want to bring it back up into active mode?

our test is: when the device start-up normal , we used cmd “sudo poweroff” to shutdown, then long press powerkey , then found the problem.


before we assume this is a problem, can you please describe your use-case and what you are trying to implement?

Hi , we want if our customer long press powerkey , the device always can start-up normal.

when we long press powerkey, we found sometims the device entered fastboot mode, sometimes not,when it didn’t enter fastboot mode, the deive didn’t start-up. So, we need to tell our customer why and how to avoid it! we know maybe enter fastboot, but why sometimes or some devices not, the option “long press” is same.

By what you described, you seem to want to set the system into deep sleep mode and bring it back online. If you wish to do so, you can set the system into Deep Sleep with the following command:

sudo systemctl suspend

Wake sources are described here:

Hi,we didn’t want to enter deep sleep, we want to know, if long press power key, the device will enter which mode?

This will depend on how the power pins have been wired on your carrier board. Please review Chapter 5 of the Jetson Nano Design Guide. For instance, pin 240 can be used for a sleep/wake function.

HI, the doc just say: pin 240 can be used for a sleep/wake function. why our actual situation is “enter fastboot mode” or not start-up, you can see our log file long-press-powerkey-faile.txt

Have you devised your own carrier board or have you engaged with a partner to build you one? Warmboot (what you call fastboot) can only be initiated from the deep sleep mode, therefore your device needs to go into Sleep to be able to warmboot.

I say fastboot as follow,we long press powerkey ,it maybe enter this mode,I don’t think it is sleep mode.

[0006.446] Power button long press detected
[0006.450] Entering fastboot mode…
[0006.453] starting fastboot mode
[0006.458] fastboot cmd_init done.
[0006.461] platform does not support off-mode-charge
[0006.466] usbdcd_init Initialize USBF driver
[0006.470] usbdcd_phy_open oscfreq = 5
[0006.479] usbdcd_start Start the initialized controller
[0006.485] get_fastboot-- suspend –
_[0006.488] instructions: Error -2 finding instructions in /chosen
[0006.518] Key Code 8 not handled
[0006.614] portspeed = 2
[0006.721] Key Code 8 not handled
[0006.924] Key Code 8 not handled
[0007.127] Key Code 8 not handled
long_press_power_to_fastboot.txt (14.4 KB)

And, it maybe not enter this mode, it can’t start up normal , as I mentioned it at the beginning.

@rd1 we do not have a power button on the Jetson Nano developer kit carrier board. So this ultimately depends on your design. Instead of you telling me how your custom power button behaves, it would be more helpful if you describe the function you have implemented and what you are trying to achieve. I will then be able to guide you through the steps and resources.

we want to power up and power down the device when press powerkey.

But we don’t want long press powerkey enter other mode,for example:fastboot mode or cann’t start-up

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