The device enter fastboot mode exceptionally

The device enter fastboot mode exceptionally when we make static test with AUX interface.
Help to analyze the problem.

Again, read the page to know what info you should provide.

Dear Wayne:
our project is jetson-nano-emmc.
The version is:
L4T BSP Information:
R32 , REVISION: 4.2

nvidia_fastboot_log(2).txt (14.8 KB)

Do you use custom carrier board?

Yes,we use our customized board, after the device enter fastboot mode ,it cann’t quit again.
What is the probable reason?Have you ever had similar problems?

The fastboot is generally triggered by the power button event. As you can see the log says.

0005.587] failed to init xhci or no usb device attached
[0008.595] Power button long press detected
[0008.599] Entering fastboot mode…
[0008.602] starting fastboot mode
[0008.607] fastboot cmd_init done.
[0008.610] platform does not support off-mode-charge

Please check if your hardware design is matching the design guide and power button is not pressed during cboot running.

power button is which IO? we will check the IO.


It is pin 240 on the SOM.

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