The device has been unable to display normally

duying-faild.txt (118.8 KB)

You can go in through the serial port and micro USB (, which is HDMI flash screen here

Are you using the devkit or your custom carrier board?

[quote=“kayccc, post:3, topic:180253”]
custom carrier board?
[/quote]custom carrier board

Any non- NV developer kit carrier boards means custom carrier board.

Yes, we are customized

Isn’t this duplicated with Jetson NX Developer Suite implemented upgrade, shut down and restart without display - #17 by WayneWWW?

You didn’t share us the xorg.0.log.

It’s not the same. It’s the official package. There’s no desktop display, only the command line. This is our company’s customized carrier board. It can’t flash in all the time. The two are not the same problem

Ok then can you share the xorg.0.log and dmesg for this case?

nx.txt (131.4 KB)

Again… this log is dmesg… not xorg.0.log…

Xorg.0.log is under /var/log…

Uploading: Xorg.0.log…
Xorg.0.log (7.4 KB)

Xorg log shows

PDT 2020
[ 719.158] (EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device!

Could you share the result of command lsmod?

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The remote login lsusb with USB

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The gpu driver is gone.

What is your result of command “uname -r”?

And what is your content of ls /lib/modules ?

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How to lose GPU driver?

What is result if you run command sudo modprobe nvgpu?

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