The difference between NX and NANO

We used the master board designed by ourselves, the frame is NX core board and SSD to drive the CSI camera, the system is placed on the SSD, and booted from the SSD at startup, all of which can work normally, as the work progresses, we plan to Using NANO to replace NX has achieved the purpose of reducing costs.
With the same baseboard, after replacing NX with NANO, the system stuck when starting up. In case 1, it was always stuck on the NVIDIA boot interface without any printing. In case 2, the system can be started, and the startup option is the system that comes with the NANO core board. In case 3, the system can be started, and the boot option is the system in the SSD. Among the above three cases, the probability of case 1 is the highest, followed by case 2, and the probability of case 3 is the smallest.
I want to confirm the difference between NX and NANO with you, there may be some reasons that cause the system to start abnormally

From carrier board(a.k.a master board) point of view, you need to refer to Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Nano Interface Comparison and Migration Application Note to know whether the carrier board you designed is capable for both NX and Nano module.

Each module has their own SW to boot and run, they can’t be compatible, and are different.

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