The Difference Between OV13850 and OV13860

What is the difference between OV13850 and OV13860, the drive of the OV13860 can be used on OV13850? If not, how to change?

OK, so you have reached an interesting part here ;)

Well, the parameters of the 2 cameras are very similar, with the difference that 13860 has AGC and AEC.

On the other hand the register tables are very different as far as I have checked.

If you wish to bring up the ov13850 I can share some code of the driver I have developed for it to share working on it :)

OK, thank you very much. Can you share me some code of the driver with the ov13850? thanks.

me too please :)

Thanks for the interest, guys. Unfortunately, it turns out our code is not sharable because of contract limitations.

All I can say is the camera can work with tegra TX1 and google is your best friend :)

ok,thank you for your help.