The difference in power consumption between H264 encoding and h265 encoding on TX2 platform


Referring to documents and forum posts, I found that the power consumption of NVENC can not be obtained on TX2 alone. Only the power consumption of VDD_SYS_SOC includes the power consumption of NVENC, so I can only get VDD_SYS_SOC to reflect the difference between NVENC power consumption when encoding H264 and h265.

I use the same real-time video source to encoding H264/H265, encoding for 3 minutes and 45 seconds, and then count the average power consumption:

H264:VDD_SYS_SOC:2790 MW
H265:VDD_SYS_SOC:3054 MW

In theory, the complexity of H265 encoding is more than four times that of H264. Why is the difference in power consumption so small?

Does NVIDIA have some test data about this?


We don’t have test data open for public. It is about HW design, so no more information can be revealed.

Well, that’s a pity.