The DP port does not display the initial screen when installing the module

After purchasing the Jetson Orion Nano 8G Development Kit, I plugged in the DP port and saw that the default screen was displayed.

I then connected the DP port to a custom board I made from the Jetson Orion Nano reference circuit, but again, the default screen is not displayed.
(Except for the Wi-Fi and NVME parts).
The PWR LED lights up when the Jetson Orion Nano 8G module is installed.

The DP port was created using the same parts as the reference board, with DP_CON_LANE0 set to
Adjust the lengths from DP_CON_LANE0_P, DP_CON_LANE0_N to DP_CON_LANE3_P, DP_CON_LANE3_N and set the impedance to 85 ohms,
DP_CON_AUX_P, DP_CON_AUX_N with an impedance of 85 ohms.

We measure the voltage on the DP port and it looks like this
pin20-PWR ; 3.3V
pin18-DP_HPD_CON_R ; 3.3V
pin13-DP_MODE ; 3.3V
DP1_HPD ; 1.8V (PI3AUX221ZTAEX-pin5)
Is there anything to check?

Any log? Can you share the schematic of this part?

DP port schematic.

Added DP port schematics.

Please share the dmesg from your board first.