The driver is constantly failing

I use 3060ti, latest drivers; windows 10, latest updates.
The driver is constantly failing, then restarting, showing a black screen for a few seconds before that.
I would like to receive any help regarding the issue, and please tell me what should I provide in order to help you help me.

Hi @RaggedClaw,

How do you determine that it is the GPU driver that is failing? Black screen and reboot can have many reasons, it is very hard to assist you. First of all I recommend you check that:

  • The Windows installation is without issues (no errors in the event viewer etc.)
  • Check that the GPU is seated properly in the PCIe Slot and power cables are connected correctly.
  • Do the same checks for all other components like RAM, CPU and NvME SSDs
  • Check temperatures of both CPU and GPU and verify that they are nominal.
  • Make sure your power supply can support all your system components

If everything above is ok, try ruling out different components by replacing them with others/spares.

I recommend looking at our dedicated GeForce forums for troubleshooting help with these kind of issues as well.

I hope you will be able to resolve your issues!