The DXR Spotlight Contest - Win a NVIDIA® TITAN RTX™ GPU!


NVIDIA is excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft and Epic Games on the DXR Spotlight contest. We’re looking for game developers and content creators to create tech demos in Unreal Engine 4.22 featuring Microsoft® DirectX® 12 and DirectX® Raytracing for a chance to win NVIDIA® TITAN RTX™ GPUs.

Microsoft® DirectX® 12 and DXR and the GeForce RTX™ platform bring real-time ray tracing to games for the first time ever. Ray tracing has been considered the holy grail of computer graphics, simulating the physical behavior of light to bring real-time, cinematic-quality rendering to games like never before.

We want to see just how creative you can be with Microsoft® DirectX® 12 and DXR! We’re asking content creators/developers to use real-time ray traced reflections, real-time shadows, and/or real-time global illumination in their tech demos.

More information here.