The environment variables need to be set again each time


It’s long time since I installed the PGI compiler in my Linux(Ubuntu 14.04) host, however I found that each time the terminal was shut down and the environment variables need to be set again to ensure the compiler work when I reboot the terminal.

Refer to the installation guide, I set the environment variables in terminal with license server running, after that, the compiler works well. Somehow each time I restart the terminal or reboot the system, it can not work anymore and I have to set the environment variables again.

I checked the license server and it indeed start automatically when the system reboot.

Is there any solutions?



See the PGI installation instructions on how to set up the license service
on Linux for auto reboot on startup.

See Linux manuals on how to set up environment variables using the
.cshrc or .bashrc files.



That problem has been solved, thanks a lot.

Now, I wanna know if my UDV license has an access to PGDBG debugger, because a license failure occurs when I start the debugger.