the FFT done by GPU gives different results from Labview

Hi, everyone:

I am using CUDA to realize FFT, and to test my program, I compare my results with the ones got from Labview.
However, I found that the results got from these two methods are different.

My input is 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2, and the results from GPU are 19,1.23607,3.23607,3.23607,1.23607,1,3.23607,3.23607,1.23607;

And the ones from GPU computing is 19,2.80079,3.74502,3.74502,2.80079,3.29691,2.80079,3.74502,3.74502,2.80079;

Is this normal?

cufft does not normalize the result, so the first result (if taken from cufft) seem to be alright.