The flag "-override" is ignored and gcc version checking is still there

I am installing CUDA 6.0 with the .run file on Debian 7 equipped with gcc 4.9. I passed the “-override” flag to skip the gcc version checking, but the installation aborted and the log file shows a checking was still performed on the gcc version. Questions:

  1. Is it a bug of the installer?
  2. Can I provide a customized answer for whether aborting the installation after the check? The log file indicates a “yes” was provided automatically to abort the procedure.
  3. Or are there other ways to circumvent this without installing gcc-4.8?

Thank you.

Solved: the error occurs at installing the driver bundled with the CUDA toolkit, so the “-override” does not take effect. One should download and install the driver separately, and then use -override to install CUDA (or simply use gcc-4.8)