The forum frequently blocks me from posting topics with clear titles that are complete sentences

I am trying to post a new topic with the title

Is an eventfd a valid cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypeOpaqueFd?

but the title moderator is blocking me from posting. This is a frequent problem. Satisfying the title modbot is a mysterious and frustrating process.

Is there any way to work around the title moderator?

Hello @cory.bloyd,

What is the error that you are seeing? Have you tried posting with a shorter title?

Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

I suggest removing “cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypeOpaqueFd” from the title and only include it in the post.

Is an eventfd a valid external semaphore?


It is very frustrating to go through this process every time I try to post. The APIs we are discussing are full of names like cudaExternalSemaphoreHandleTypeOpaqueFd. The forum should not be confused by them.

The issue is the maximum allowed word length in a topic title is 30 characters.
I bumped this to 50. Let me know if you still experience issues.


That is greatly appreciated! Much thanks!

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