The function of cmu

We had a problem that is the output color is different between hdmi and dp.
We debug it and found:
1,the pixel_depth is different, hdmi is NV_SOR_STATE1_ASY_PIXELDEPTH_DEFAULTVAL, but dp is NV_SOR_STATE1_ASY_PIXELDEPTH_BPP_24_444
2, the cmu is different, the cmu_enable of hdmi is 0, but dp is 1; tegra_dc_get_cmu----hdmi is default_limited_cmu, but dp is default_cmu.

we try to set cmu_enable is 1 on HDMI port and change it to default_cmu, but
it is valid, the display color difference still remain, and dp port show video slower.

Please help for it , thanks!

Since the color is not expected to be identical for each monitor, we would expect this is a normal behavior. Please note this.

Hi ,we used split screen machine test, the monitor is same.
And the output color config is exactly differnent as we point out.

nv-color-different.txt (108.1 KB)
we upload the dmesg log for help to analyze.
help to check the pixel_depth and vmode is full range or limited range.
where to config the color in code ?

We have explanation in this topic and it is possible there’s minor color deviation between HDMI and DP port.
Chromatic aberration probelm

Please kindly note it.

You did not tell us the query in Chromatic aberration probelm , and we can but create the new case.
up to now , you did not answer my question.
you just see cmu_enable, we think hdmi and dp color config not just cmu.
we had ask questions for pixel_depth and vmode, Don’t you see?



Thank you for your reply. are the brightness and saturability the same between hdmi and dp?

Hi , another question: what is dp vmode, is full range or limited range?


The default color range for HDMI case is limited while the DP is using full range.

colud I cheng HDMI color range to full range?

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