The future of gaming on the PC is in your hands Nvidia Devs!

Hey guys. I must say this latest release, 310.19, is another step in the right direction. As far as I can see it, the future of gaming on the PC is in Nvidia’s hands. If Nvidia makes a bunk driver, just like ATI does, all us gamers will be eventually forced into the travesty called Windows 8 and the metro interface.

I don’t like Unity and I ESPECIALLY don’t like metro, or any of the walled garden, Apple copying directions Microsoft has taken. Linux may just be a niche for now, but once people see the way Linux can transform your computing experience, they will come. And people want to play games whether it be small side scrolling or Oil Rush type graphics, stable software on your guys’ part will be crucial to that experience. Not saying linux will ever gain a majority of the market on all computers anytime soon, but I see the Steam on Linux Beta and Nvidia finally stepping it up with their driver and finally re-implementing viewportin/out in a gui format the first baby steps into a direction where people get sick of M$ and Crapple B$ and use an OS that just works, no added B$.

I just hope ATI takes this hint to step up its linux driver development so everyone can have a good linux experience instead of people who got video cards from Company A instead of Company B.

P.S. Nice to see you guys are finally working on Optimus support in Linux. I would have maybe considered purchasing one earlier but knowing I couldn’t get one without risking no BIOS switch and the reputation of ATI drivers/Intel weak chips, I just stayed away from laptops for the last few years.