The glass material is incorrect under path tracked

4_4_volume.mdl (1.1 KB)
As shown in the video, when using path tracked, glass and metal will constantly darken. When I move the mouse, they will suddenly darken. Provide relevant video and material files.

Hi 411094265,

Can you provide more details such as Create version, driver version, type of GPU(s) and operating system?

Is it possible to zip this USD stage and send it to us for investigation?

Sam (13.7 MB)

I have found that the problem lies in the expression of the material. If you delete chair_1 in the scene, the material expression of chair_2 will be correct. The MDL file I used is from mdl_handbook (4.4-The appearance of color through absorption). So I think the rendering is incorrect because of this material.

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Thank you for sending the scene. We will investigate this further.