The hardware doesn't work?

when i write a character,like “a” or something in a terminal, the tx2 seems to react slowly, it may be found a serials of “a”. Or i write something, but nothing to happen, the letter don’t appear. And the tx2 had been placed one or two years, i doubt that the hardware is wrong.And i have flash it many times, and it succeed. please tell me what should i do?
thanks very much

Can you say more about what terminal it is? For example, a serial console terminal is different from a GUI text terminal, but would in most cases react the same…but a terminal over ssh from a host PC would have many differences (at least in terms of possible errors and oddities).

You should also give explicit information about the hardware. I see this is in the TX2 forum, but there is a tag “drive-hardware-setup”, and the two are actually quite different. Knowing which exact hardware is involved is important.

hello, thanks for you reply.
one, when i write a letter “glf” in a text, the system sometimes seems react slowly, and i see it like “glfffffffff”.but i just write “glf”. two, the hardware is jetsontx2.
thanks very much.

Where do you write the letters? Different applications allow text input. Can you provide a screenshot or description of how to get to that point of being able to enter the text?

hello, i have a screenshot for you.

like it, i just want to input “nvidia”, but it shows differently. the system responded slowly, and “a” shows a lot of times. My jetpack is 4.3. Please help me to solve it.
thanks very much

  1. I think it is not helpful to share a photo to describe such problem. Video would be better…

  2. If you suspect this is a hardware problem, please re-flash this board with latest jetpack and see if issue is still.

ok, I will take a video tomorrow. And i have re-flash this board with latest jetpck manytimes, i will try it again tomorow.
thanks very much

Could you check

  1. If flash the board does not help, can you check whether this issue (slow response) only happens to console on the screen? Or even in ssh or uart console?

  2. If the ssh is not slow, could you use it to dump the tegrastats result?

2, i don’t know how to dump the tegrastats result? could you provide me a reference?

Open a terminal and run sudo tegrastats. It is a tool under /usr/sbin and will tell the usage of cpu/gpu/emc.

how can i save the compent what tegrastats shows?

Just copy few lines when the terminal is slow. No need to share the full log. Just want to check the status of the cpu.

Method 1: Mouse copy and paste.
Method 2: Redirect to a file.

For method 2 you will get a file which you can attach to the forums (you might need to use something like scp to copy the file to the host PC). Example to show 4 linux of tegrastats output:

sudo -s
tegrastats 2>&1 | head -n 4 | tee log_stats.txt

…then you’d attach the file “log_stats.txt”.

Btw, this is all just guessing, but what you are describing sounds like some other program is trying to use the same terminal at the same time and having the two collide. If not, then it could be hardware, and it would be good to state exactly which hardware it is. I assume it is just a TX2 development kit due to the forum name, but perhaps it isn’t?

I have tried the latest jetpack 4.6, but it doesn’t work.
I have a video for you, in this video i don’t do anything , “f” still runs in the terminal.

Another video for you, this is my normal operation, i just input “nvidia”, but sometimes the charactor repeat many times.don’t work.mkv (3.0 MB)

I think the cpu is high or the system responses slowly. But this is my tegrastats result.log.txt (1.4 KB)
And i watch a long time, the load of cpu is not high, the higest is about 50percents.
thanks a lot

The problem is a bit bizarre. It is like some random program is running in the background, but output to stdout is to the terminal you see. What is attached to the Jetson? I’m curious because something like a USB keyboard could in theory do something odd, and I’m wondering if anything unusual is connected which could be disconnected for testing.

Note that if you hit the key sequence “CTRL-ALT-F2”, then you should get to a pure text terminal which does not run in the GUI (and then, depending on setup, getting back to the GUI would be something like “ALT-F1” or “ALT-F7” depending on which terminal X runs in). If you use a true purely text mode terminal can you log in there and run normally? If you can, then it gives a much better chance to debug.

Also an ssh terminal or serial console terminal is good for testing.

Agree with linuxdev… this issue looks not like a hardware broken. Feels like something from the usb send key event.

Will same behavior happen to text editor like gedit?

I forgot one other test. If you are at a terminal where this problem exists, and if it is a program running in background (not the only way to send text to a terminal, but by far the most common way), then what happens if you run the command for forground:
(it should just return and do nothing if nothing was running in the background)