The HDR mode on Drive AGX


In, Steve just mentioned “HDR mode is not supported on Drive AGX.”, I have two technical problems about this issue:

  1. If there is a GMSL camera which is switched to the HDR mode, connect to the Xavier, can Xavier receive the HDR frame image through the ISP component in IPP framework? Because the documentation indicates the supported input format of the input port includes HDR image. If the framework can not receive the frame image, can xavier receive the HDR frame image through the other way?

  2. Can HDR merge (which is also provided by ISP component) function works normally?

P.S. Our gmsl camera is Sekonix SF3325 (AR0231 RCCB)

Dear andy_su,

We are checking it internally and will update it. Thanks.

Dear andy_su,

Sorry for late update.

Let me clarify about HDR mode support on DriveAGX.

  1. We supports on-sensor HDR mode on AR0231 from SDK.(Sorry for the confusion).
  2. However support for HDR fusion in ISP has been deprioritized and the sensor industry are trending towards on-sensor fusion to save GMSL bandwidth.

Hi Steve,

Thx for your reply, I will share the information with my team.