The iOS client cannot connect to the server

We are using the v3.2 dev suit. The Android app works fine, but iOS is having trouble connecting. We’ve tried iOS 16.4 and 15.1, but it’s not working. In Xcode, the SDK reports an internal error and cannot connect to the server

Seeing client and server logs is where we usually start in a case like this. hopefully they identify what the root cause it.

I noticed the IOS client library here too, and was curious about whether it could be used for Apple’s Reality Pro MR headset to connect to CloudXR. Are there any plans for this? Please keep it in mind, PC VR needs more HMDs especially in the high end.

The official response time of Nvidia is indeed quite slow. This SDK has not been updated for a long time. The new version of SDK has reportedly been tested for a long time but has not yet been released. The Apple MR headset has not been released yet, but I believe they will support it when the time comes, although it may take a bit longer, similar to the current Android headset demo.

There was a lot of internal work for Omniverse integration, and an internal sub release for them – that delayed a next public release. The next public version is under active development, certainly not done and ‘tested for a long time’ as we’re only just finishing up some major enhancements. Stay tuned for further public announcements.