The ivc demo does not work properly after enabling the can demo

After I re-decompressed a spe demo, the firmware generated by directly compiling can realize the function of ivc echo normally. But after I enable can demo, ivc echo can’t work normally. Can’t these two functions be enabled at the same time?
I just modify follow code in the rt-aux-cpu-demo/soc/t18x/,set this macro is 1

# Enable = 1/Disable = 0 CAN sample app

That’s not the expected behavior.
Can you provide more details, like log, etc.?


This problem may have something to do with the hardware I use. I can reproduce this problem with a baseboard designed by ourselves, but it is normal on the development board provided by nvidia. But our own baseboard does not provide the debug serial port of spe, so I cannot print log now

Hello, 674493271:
I cannot imagine why that’s related to hardware.
Maybe some pinmux changing, or dtb change?
Anyway, debug port is very helpful.
In addition,
<But our own baseboard does not provide the debug serial port of spe>
SPE shares the same UART port as kernel. Are you sure there no debug port in your carrier board? It’s better to add it, or BSP debug may be a hard job without UART.


Do you mean that both linux and spe will use uartg to print debugging information in the tx2 platform?

Sorry, I just noticed that you are using TX2, which is using UARTG as SPE debug port, and is different from AGX.


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