the jetpack 2.2 don't work well when installing cuda on TX1

I download the jetpack 2.2 to deploy my TX1. After flashing the OS, it shows :

error:CUDA cannot be installed on device. This may be caused by other apt-get command running on device when installing CUDA. Please use apt-get command in a terminal to make sure following packages are installed correctlly in device before continuing:
cuda-toolkit-7-0 libgompl libfreeimage-dev libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin

But I just run jetpack on host and don’t even touch my TX1 =.=
How to install it correctlly?

It should be installed with Ubuntu 14.04 x64 host PC. Do you have some reason to use the older JetPack version?
Could you download the latest JetPack 3.0 to try it?

Install guide: