The Jetson Orin can bus is not functioning properlya

Hello, we are currently debugging based on ORIN, and the backplane is currently customized by the customer. The can bus only connects to the TJA1057GT from the CPU, which is a transceiver of the can bus. The loopback instruction loop back test is good now, but if I use two orin boards to connect the can bus for transmission and reception, I will continue to report errors. Where is the problem

Configuration instructions
ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000 dbitrate 1000000 berr-reporting on fd on

Error reported
root@jy-desktop:~# cansend can0 123#abcdabcd fconfig can0 down
root@jy-desktop:~# [ 214.160808] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: Bit0 Error Detected
[ 214.166568] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: IR 0x8010000 PSR 0x71d
[ 214.172618] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: entered error warning state
[ 214.179104] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: entered error passive state
[ 214.185583] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: entered bus off state
[ 214.191514] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: Bit0 Error Detected
[ 214.197272] mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: IR 0xb800000 PSR 0x7e5


Hello @fu.qiang,

as a reminder, we do have dedicated Jetson forums here where your questions will find much more expert views than in Gaming and Visualization.

I will move your topic to Jetson AGX Orin like your previous posts.


Hi fu.qiang,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

The instruction for loopback test is for “internal” loopback, which means you don’t need to connect any external cable and it would work.

Could you share the block diagram of your connections with 2 Orin boards?
Or you could refer to the following thread about how we verify the CAN communication for can0 and can1 on one board.
Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit CAN commmunication error - #8 by KevinFFF

Please also share the result of the following command when you hit the issue.

$ sudo ip -d -s link show can0

Thank you for your support, which caused the issue with our backplane hardware design.

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