The Jetson Orin Nano during COM loopback test no response

Jetson Orin NX/Nano shows no response when executing the Fintek F81534U USB to serial Port 4 COMPort loopback test to the second port.
This problem does not occur with module Jetson Xavier/NANO .
fail log:
dmesg.txt (104.2 KB)

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Your custom board is designed for Jetson Orin Nano or just reuse the previous design for Xavier NX and Nano?

Hi tom.lin,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Could you also share the block diagram of connections and setup for the loopback test?
It seems you are using more than 1 serial interface.

hi Kevin
yes, Serial port reuse the previous design for Xavier NX and Nano(USB2.0_1),
All configurations remain unchanged, replacing module Xavier NX (UBUNTU 18.04) is ok.
JetPack : 5.1.2 / Jetson Linux 35.4.1
USB2.0_1 to F81534

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?

Do you mean that you are using the same carrier board for both Xavier NX and Orin NX?

Have you tried if the other USB port would hit the same issue?

Please share the result of the following command on your board.

ls -l /dev/tty*

Hi Kevin
yes, custom board for Jetson Orin & Xavier shared.
F81534 is built on the board.

Is that a P3509 like custom carrier board?

f81534 ttyUSB0: f81534_switch_gpio_mode: failed, 1245

Could you check why your f81534 driver showing this error during switching GPIO mode?

Do you have Orin NX+Orin Nano devkit(p3768) could reproduce the same issue?

Hi Kevin
Yes, similar to p3509.
If the test is normal, there will be no errors. This happens when an error occurs randomly within 1 to 30 minutes.
We currently only have the company’s customized carrier board, the Xavire NX carrier board, and have not yet obtained P3768.
F81534 currently only has onboard in custom carrier board, and has not yet obtained Fintek public board.

USB 2.0 is directly connected to the USB interface by the module.
The F81534 driver is the same version.

  1. Module Orin +custom carrier board will cause errors.
  2. Module Xavire+ custom carrier board tested over 24hrs pass.

From your failed log in dmesg, we could not find any details in our USB part.
Please check and debug your F81534 driver to know where is the error coming from and comparing the difference when you are using Xavier without the issue.

Hi Kevin
We have asked the IC manufacturer whether there is any difference in the driver, and also asked the manufacturer to come to the company to help confirm at the problem. For us, replacing the same carrier board with orin will cause problems.

Is there any result?
They should know more details about what happened in driver reporting those errors.

Could you help to clarify this?
Do you mean the issue happens only with the Orin NX/Nano+p3509 like custom carrier board?
If so, I would suggest using p3768 devkit board for Orin NX/Nano and verify the issue.

Hi Kevin
IC manufacturers think it is related to bsp.
Like the 11/10 reply, F81534 currently only has onboard in custom carrier board,
The same carrier board is used to test module xavier pass.

For Orin and Xavier, they are using the same BSP release.
In your case, it seems R35.4.1.

We should debug from where the error coming from…

Actually, Orin NX/Nano should work with p3768 like carrier board rather than p3509 like carrier board.
We don’t have your F81534 module even the custom carrier board to verify them locally.

hi Kevin
(NX)Jetson Linux 35.1/35.2.1/35.3.1/35.4.1 have all tested the same problem.
They are all connected to the 81534 from the Orin module USB2.0 pin115/117. Will the USB port be different if the carrier board is different? We have applied for a public board from fintek to continue testing.
Is there any way you suggest we can know where the error is coming from?

I am not clear about what do you mean here.
Do you mean that you hit the issue on Orin NX module + p3509 like carrier board with different releases?

P3509 and P3768 are different carrier boards. There should be different in USB.

From error log. (i.e. from f81534 driver).
Please add more debug message in driver and check what causes the issue.

hi Kevin

Orin NX module +custom carrier board(like p3509)

Orin module USB pin115/117 is different from Xavire module USB pin 115/117? How can we separate this?

How can we get more debug messages from the driver?

What do you mean about USB pin 115/117?
Could you point out which pin from pinmux?

Add debug messages in driver manually and build it to debug.
Do you know where’s the driver for f81534?

hi Kevin
yes , pinmux USB pin are the same.

Is there a specific way? For example, a command or a parameter?

Where is the source of f81534_switch_gpio_mode?

Could you share your f81534 driver and also the configuration of the device tree for both Xavier NX and Orin NX?

Hi Kevin
Are you referring to the driver and test commands?
Orinnx-dmesg-20231120.log (92.4 KB)
xavier-dmesg-20231120.log (99.6 KB)