The jetson Xavier is not booting - Jetpack 4.4


As per the instruction, I successfully got the serial console log
serial_console_log.txt (13.4 KB)
[scroll down fully, there are many white spaces in between]

Please help me to solve this flashing



How did you “flash with sdkmanager”? I don’t think your flash was successful…

Your log is a obvious jp5 boot up sequence…

In Ubuntu 18,
1: Installed the sdk manager using dpkg, In terminal
sudo dpkg -i sdkmanager_1.9.1-10844_amd64.deb
2: Opened the sdk manager using sdkmanager --archivedversions
3: In the sdk manager,
3.1: In step1, Selected the jetpack 4.4 and selected the Jetson Xavier NX[development kit version]
3.2: In step2:Details and License, Accepted the terms and conditions
After, this process is completed, a new window asked for the IP address, Username and password for the device.

At that time, when I connected the monitor to the xavier, it shows the same UEFI shell, it is not showing up the setup window to setup the time, username, computer name, password, etc…, still shows the same UEFI shell

Due to this, I could not proceed to the Step3 in sdk manager


There is a “export LOGS” button on sdkmanager. Could you click it and attach the whole file here?

From my point of view, the issue is just “you think it is flashed, but it is totally not”. It is easily happened if this is your first time using sdkmanager.

yes, I extracted, please check (130.6 KB)

Yes, you didn’t flash it at all.

Could you please give instruction to flash completely…

Please put your board into recovery mode. And run sdkmanager again. If it asks about the IP and user name, just skip it first.


I use the manual setup in flasking,

After the flashing is done, A window asked to complete the system setup in Xavier and ask to enter the IP address, username and password.

At that time, When I connected the monitor to the Xavier, I got this screen

and, it loading for many times, still did not get the UI in the Xavier

Do you know what is happening


Use the flash port. Open /dev/ttyACM0 on your host to configure the account.

There would be an interface coming out on your host with this node to configure the account.

Hi, I didnot try this,

I flashed again in manual flashing, that works good

Thanks for helping me in this process :-)

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