The last post to this forum

I decided to leave this forum @ 2021 and remove my posts including FYIs posts (as fast as discourse allows) due to NVIDIA censorship (many deleted or unlisted posts).
No more technical, independent and under the hood reviews (click to photon, QoS scheduler, vGPU configuration, registry tweaking, performance analysis, mixing vGPU profiles, vGPU on GTX/RTX customer cards …).
I stopped to put QUESTIONs to this forum @ 2016 because I received many misleading/marketing/untrue answers. I stopped to put ANSWERs to this forum @ 2018 because NVIDIA deleted my answer that reveal the truth.
My opinion: I hope NVIDIA overpriced vGPU paravirtualization will die soon and it will be replaced with dramatically cheaper technologies like Hyper-V/GPU-P or true SR-IOV.

PS: This final message was 3x deleted by NVIDIA censors.