The list of Memory and eMMC part number after PCN 210341 applied

We want to determine whether the AGX Orin SoMs have memory or eMMC added after the PCN210100 is applied.
Because our customer wants to use it on JetPack5.0.2.

We read the data matrix printed on the SoM and got the following result for memory and eMMC.
“161-0546-10X” , “170-0637-30X”
But the memory and eMMC part numbers are not on the list of the table3 in “Jetson AGX Orin Series Product Marking Specification”.

Can you let us know whether the memory and eMMC work on JetPack5.0.2?

In addition, we would very much appreciate it if you could provide the whole list of the part numbers for memory and eMMC.

Thank you.

Hi, I did not get what you mean. The part number of new DRAM and eMMC are included in PCN210100. Jetson AGX Orin Series PCN210100 Addition of Manufacturing BOM Components: DRAM & eMMC

Hi Trumany, thank you for your reply.

The part number I’m asking for is the one described in the data matrix on SoM, in my case, that is “161-0546-10X” for memory, and “170-0637-30X” for the eMMC.
A few items for the memory and the eMMC are on table 3 of “Jetson AGX Orin Series Product Marking Specification” but don’t include these 2 part numbers.

I aim to determine whether the AGX Orin SoM has the memory and the eMMC that was added at the PCN210100. Our customer wants to use JetPack5.0.2 but the SoM comes with new BOM requests for JetPack5.1 or later.

Both of yours are included in PCN210100. 161-0546-10X is H58G66BK8BX105, 170-0637-30X is SDINBDG4-64GB-1212.

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Noted. Now, I understand that those two are newly added.
Thank you.

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