The live view and video were with abnormal color

Hello Everyone,

We could encode our camera v4l2 video streaming to h.264 .mp4 file via gstreamer now. But, the live view and video were with abnormal color. Please refer to below picture and video. Can you help to check this issue and give us some hints ? If you have any questions, please feel free to tell me.

test3.7z (3.62 MB)

The possible root cause is the YUV order is incorrect.

  1. You may need to make the sensor output order and modify the V4L2_MBUS_FMT_UYVY8_2X8 to correct order. Below are possible order.

  2. Or try to modify the sensor to output UYVY order frame data.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your fast response. And we will try your suggestions asap.