the Main(EB) AURIX firmware and the UPDATE(NV) firmware

What is the connection between these two firmwares, and what is the difference?Is AURIX running Main Firmware? Where does the update firmware run?

I command version on AURIX console.
it retun “SW Version: DRIVE-V5.1.0-E3550-EB-Aurix-ForHyperion-3.02.07”
the 3.02.07 firmware is MAIN firmware or UPDATE firmware?

Hi 794537411,

Please refer to “6.4 AURIX Versions” in the Drive Software 10.0 release notes and the development guide for details.

Dear 794537411,

The Aurix FW version you mentioned is not new version.
Could you please update the platform to Drive Software 10?
And then you can see below Aurix FW version info on Aurix console.

shell> version
Info: Executing cmd: version, argc: 0, args: 
SW Version: DRIVE-V5.1.6-E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-ForHyperion-StepA-3.05.04
Compilation date: Jun 25 2019, 14:25:36
Command Executed

If you can’f update Aurix FW, you can update it manually.