The maximum SD card capacity supported on TX2?

Dear all,
As the title, where to find the explanation about the SD card capacity supported on TX2? I want to know the maximum SD card capacity supported on TX2. Thanks!

Hi zjj2k,

The TX2 able to support even 128GB.
What SD card capacity are you need?

Hi carolyuu,

Does TX2 support “Kingston SDXC / UHS-I U3 256GB”?
The reading speed on TX2 is about 20MB/sec, it is lower than my ubuntu PC(30MB/sec).
Do you have any idea why TX2’s reading speed is lower than PC?


Please also refer to this topic.

I use “Kingston SDXC/128GB & 64GB”
but random read this SD-CARD
Do you have any idea why TX2’s can not reading

You would have to give some details. For example, while trying to insert, read from, or remove the card, what do you see from “dmesg --follow”?

How does this card show up from:

lsblk -f

I assume the card is “/dev/mmcblk1”, adjust if not, but what do you see from:

ls /dev/mmcblk1*
sudo gdisk -l /dev/mmcblk1

I am attaching our log files content.
please help.

After inserting the card gdisk.txt (175 Bytes)

After inserting the card lsblk.txt (2.21 KB)

After inserting the card dmesg.txt (100 KB)

After inserting the card lsdevmmcblk1.txt (101 Bytes)

That’s a lot of SD card debug messages (many register dumps)…it seems it is trying over and over to use this card. In one case there is an actual failure message (I don’t know what error -84 is…perhaps someone at NVIDIA knows):

mmc2: error -84 whilst initialising SD card

The device special file itself ("/dev/mmcblk1*") not showing up implies the driver was never able to load. The meaning of “error -84” might explain, but I don’t know what that is.

I suspect this is a signal quality error, and not some outright failure. For signal quality it might try over and over, but for some other “harder” error it would tend to crash and burn without retrying like this.

Do other SD cards work in this slot?

I too have been seeing errors with SD mounting. I’m on the newest L4T release (RT 28.2.1) for TX2 and experiencing issues. Here are some related posts:

This one discusses a driver issue which causes the SD card not to show up in lsblk:
I applied the recommended patches, which resulted in the SD always showing up in lsblk, however it only shows up eventually and therefore it is non-deterministic whether automatic mounting solutions (fstab or rc.local) will work.

This one is more akin to what I’m now seeing, and I just added a follow up to it:

Any input on reliably getting SD to not only show up but mount at boot time would be welcomed