The meaning of "Flow Control update watchdog timer expired" messages

Sometimes, the messages like “log_trap_info: Received Generic Notice: type:1 num:131 (Flow Control Update watchdog timer expired) Producer:2 (Switch) from LID:11 Port 7 TID:0x00000500070083” are logged three times continuosly in opensm.log file.

At that time, there isn’t any network issue.

If someone know the meaning of these messages and why these messages are logged, please inform me.

Belows are HW/SW information.

Switch: IB HDR QM8790

Adapter: HCA 1 port / 2 ports

OFED version:

Adapter FW version: 20.28.1002

Switch FW version: 27.2008.1300

Thank you,


This message means there is physical error , like symbol error caused the Flow control message time out , , you can check use #perfquery 11 7 to check the counter.

And you can also collect a ibdiagnet and open a case if you have support contract