The mlxup 4.22.1 binary and checksum mismatching

For mlxup utility version 4.22.1 (Linux x64), after utility binary file downloaded and checked that bianry sha256sum is not same as SHA256 value shown on webpage.
Please check this issue. Thanks.

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Hello liye.zhao,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We checked the SHA256SUM as well, and you are correct. It is not the correct checksum. We will have our web content team correct this.

For your information, the SHA256SUM for the latest version is correct.

 shasum -a 256 mlxup
6c3deb0ccdcf8ee24ac9373dbba071da2d6b4e79e919d853af5f7209800d5862  mlxup

Thank you,
~NVEX Technical Support

Thanks for you reply.
Regards, Liye