The most difficult issue ever! help me! How to connect to the internet via proxy!

I need to use Jetson Agx Orin in my reseach.
In setting, I’d like to connect to the interanet via university proxy to download Jetpack and to build python environment.
but I can’t connect to the internet becouse of proxy.
firefox shows following error message.
“The proxy server is refusing connections”
I have already tried following things to solve the problem but these didn’t work.

  1. setting the proxy address and port number via wired network configuration.
  2. making a file /etc/profile.d/
    export http_proxy=“http://ID:Password@proxy name:port number”
    export https_proxy=“http://ID:Password@proxy name:port number”
    export ftp_proxy=“http://ID:Password@proxy name:port number”

How can I solve the problem?
Thenk you.

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Thank you for your reply.
I managed to work it well.

Thanks, anyway.

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