The nano wont login and restart the screen

i have the 2gb jetson nano it was working fine but one day when i try to login the screen goes black for a sec and nothing happens. when i input a wrong password it says its incorrect but when i use the right password the screen restart and stay in the login window

You should probably provide a serial console boot log. What would be more interesting is if you can use the serial console to monitor “dmesg --follow” as you attempt to log in with the correct password. See:

Also, is this a dev kit? Or an eMMC model with a custom carrier board? Which L4T release is being used (under serial console see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”)?

FYI, it is quite possible that only the GUI is failing. The rest of the system might be working correctly, and serial console usually works under such conditions. If you have an ethernet connection, then ssh might also work.

sorry for the delay
its a developer kit and i dont have anything to see the boot log Unfortunately. thou the ssh worked and i was able to login but i find it inconvenient to work with since i need to copy and move files.
thanks for ur time

If you use serial console you should be able to get a log of GUI login attempt. Alternatively, if after boot and login via ssh you could start “dmesg --follow”, note what shows up as the last timestamp, and then go back to the GUI terminal (e.g., I think probably ALT-F1 will do this, but it might be a different ALT-F#), you should be able to attempt GUI login while ssh still runs. Then switch back to the console (was it CTRL-ALT-F2? some CTRL-ALT-F# will go back to the console from the failing GUI) you should be able to copy and paste whatever comes after the original last timestamp.

Or, after a failure, and on ssh, you could just save a dmesg log as a file, and then use scp to copy it to your host PC. E.g., “dmesg > log_dmesg.txt”, and then scp that file to your host PC.

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