The new NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter

I just downloaded the NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter.
Can someome give the steps to save a regular photo
as Cube Mapping Photo?


Hello! Try this:
Under the File menu, choose Save As.
In the Save As window, choose D3D/DDS (.DDS; .DDS) and name your file.
In the NVIDIA dds Format window, choose ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned from the combobox at the top. Set the combobox underneath to Cube Map. Set MIP Map Generation group to No MIP maps.
Click Save.

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A warm welcome to both of you @gondarmail and @rw88136 to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Thank you @rw88136 for the tip! I cannot verify that since I have not used the Texture tool exporter yet, but if it dows not work, please let us know and I’ll try to ask internally.