The number of can bus cannot be greater than 2 on Jetson Xavier

We had designer carrier board 0n Jatson AGX Xavier and Extend the 3-way CAN bus with mcp2515,now have 5-way can bus.But they are not working properly.
our debug process:

  1. If I only load 2 Xavier’s own can bus, they will work.
  2. If I only load 2 mcp2515 can bus, they will work fine.
  3. If I only load 1 Xavier can bus and 1 mcp2515 can bus, they all work.
  4. But I loaded more than 2 can bus and they didn’t work.
    I want to use 5-way can bus on Xavier.Can Nvidia team can help this issue?

Xavier only supports two CAN ports, please read reference docs in DLC first.