The number of files slows down batch file exports (Blenshape Weights Exporter)

The number of files slows down batch file exports. For example, if I export 300 USD files, the Frame Time in the viewport is 43 ms, and for example, if I choose to export 1500 files, then the Frame Time increases to 300ms.
You can try it yourself, just make 1500 wav files and try exporting them using Blend shape Weights Exporter with a selection of USD files.

I have a suspicion that the window that appears when exporting with the names of all files somehow slows down the viewport and thereby slows down the export. Is it possible to remove the list of files in this window? maybe it will speed up exports?

Thanks for reporting this issue. Ticket DHT-857 was created.

Btw, if you’re comfortable with Python and Omniverse, it’s worth mentioning that the codes for the exporter are in Python and are located in a folder like this: C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\prod-audio2face-2023.2.0\exts\omni.audio2face.exporter\omni\audio2face\exporter\scripts

thanks for advice, i just comment out this lines and this works mega fast))

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