the NV_HW_ENC_CONFIG_PARAMS.bRepeatSPSPPSHeader is invalid

i use 5.0 sdk,set bRepeatSPSPPSHeader = 1 , In addition to the first I-frame contains spspps, the other I frame are not spsppps,:(

but the NVIDIA Capture SDK 5.0 NvFBCHWEncode NV_HW_ENC_CONFIG_PARAMS.bRepeatSPSPPSHeader does not work#

Thank you mcerveny, and encodeConfig.dwGOPLength set 30 or -1 ?

:) Thank you , i use nvdia capture sdk to cloud game and remote desktop, the net library is use live555(Is there a better recommendation), and do you have some good idea about encode param (low bitrate and better QUALITY);