The Omnivision OV4689 Camera driver

I want to use OV4689 Camera on tegra X1. But NVIDIA not support 0V4689.Who develop the OV4689 driver for tegra x1.Or how can I develop the OV4689 driver for tegra X1.

Please refer to the following comment,

I worked with th V4L2-on_jetson-tx1
But when I use the tegra_camera module,I get the errors as follow:
[ 1312.382930] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_queue_init (err 0)
[ 1312.382976] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_poll (err 0)
[ 1312.383009] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_dma_contig_memops (err 0)
[ 1312.383059] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_plane_cookie (err 0)
[ 1312.383091] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_dma_contig_cleanup_ctx (err 0)
[ 1312.383125] tegra_camera: Unknown symbol vb2_dma_contig_init_ctx (err 0)


When I try with this config



I have same issue. Did you find any solution.


Looking at those kernel functions it seems the required config is “CONFIG_ADF_TEGRA”.

However, CONFIG_ADF_TEGRA has prerequisites HAS_IOMEM, TEGRA_DC, and ADF. Of these, “ADF” (Atomic Display Framework) is not selected by default configuration, but if selected, it looks like CONFIG_ADF_TEGRA is selected automatically. Enable ADF at:

-> Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Atomic Display Framework

I don’t know if this will solve the problem, but Atomic Display Framework can be built as a module for testing. There may be other dependencies since I did not check everything.

VI and VI_BYPASS will be obscured from the coming new release. It can support both NVIDIA ISP path and standard v4l2 path.

Can you share new release plan?

Hi JianMing,

Have you been able to use the OV4689 with the Jetson TX1?


Is this sensor now supported? I can’t find it anywhere in the drivers directory.