The option to method add_matrix_multiply kNONE is not accepted

Hi all, I have used add_matrix_multiply() and in that kNONE is provided but it is not accepting. Let me know how and what value I should provide for kNONE
C = network.add_matrix_multiply(A, kNONE, B, kNONE)
NameError: name ‘kNONE’ is not defined


You can find some examples in our document below:

For example:

layer = network.add_matrix_multiply(in1, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE, in2, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE)


Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I tried it but still got the error as

File “”, line 42, in main
C = network.add_matrix_multiply(A, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE, B, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE)
TypeError: add_matrix_multiply(): incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported:
1. (self: tensorrt.tensorrt.INetworkDefinition, input0: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor, op0: tensorrt.tensorrt.MatrixOperation, input1: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor, op1: tensorrt.tensorrt.MatrixOperation) → tensorrt.tensorrt.IMatrixMultiplyLayer

Invoked with: <tensorrt.tensorrt.INetworkDefinition object at 0x7f896458b8>, array([[1., 2.],
[3., 4.]], dtype=float32), <MatrixOperation.NONE: 0>, array([[5., 6.],
[7., 8.]], dtype=float32), <MatrixOperation.NONE: 0>

Hi, I have fixed this by copying the sample code from the link you have shared.

The reason for the problem was not the op0 and op1 but input0: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor and input1:tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor

Earlier the A and B which I had provided for these two parameters were only a 2-D tensor created using np.array()
A = np.array([[1, 2], [3,4]], dtype=np.float32)
B = np.array([[5, 6], [7,8]], dtype=np.float32)

but actually they must be the return values from the
in1 = network.add_input(“input1”, dtype=trt.float32, shape=input_shape)
in2 = network.add_input(“input2”, dtype=trt.float32, shape=input_shape2)

They should be in1 and in2 as below
layer = network.add_matrix_multiply(in1, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE, in2, trt.MatrixOperation.NONE)
and it worked.

Thank you for sharing the link to get actual code to make it work.

Thanks and Regards

Nagaraj Trivedi

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