The output format of HDMI

I want to know how can I change the output format of HDMI.I have a converter but it doesn’t work. The technician suggested me to change the output format of HDMI.

1080i or 1080p,

What should I do?


Hi WordZzzz,

This kind of info should be from your own TV/Monitor instead of tegra.

I guess your problem should be what modes does tegra support/not support.

We support most CEA modes and non-interlaced TV.

Hi WayneWWW:

So, how can I change the modes from one to another? Did you have some docunments about this?


Check the output of xrandr…if you see a mode you want to try, then you can also switch modes with xrandr to test.

NOTE: If you do not run this from the display in question then the DISPLAY environment variable must be set to the right display. When there is a single display this is usually:

export DISPLAY=:0