The output voltage of the register pin is too high, causing the TF card not to be found and unable to boot

We currently have three NX modules with the following problem.
We use the 5V voltage pin of GPIO to connect two fans to dissipate heat, but after power off, power on again cannot start.
We checked the voltage of the register with an oscilloscope, and found that the output voltage of a pin of the register was too high, which resulted in the TF card not being found and unable to boot.

Please give your opinion, we confirm that the voltage of the register is abnormal, which causes the TF card not to be recognized.

Is this caused by using the 5V voltage pin of the GPIO? Please help, thanks a lot.


please setup a terminal for checking kernel messages, i.e. $ dmesg > klog.txt
could you please share the kernel logs for below scenario.

We test the voltage of TF card work is zero.Could you please give us more information to fix circuit diagram or other diagram to test and fix this circuit.Much thinks.My email

hi all,

please share kernel messages for reference,

Hi Jerry
Now I can not start this system,How can I export the kernel message

hello xiaosongmiss,

you may setup serial console for gather logs,
or, you could enable $ dmesg > klog.txt to output kernel messages into a text file.