The PCIE device cannot be identified. Procedure

I have a device with PCIE interface. After I load it to Xavier, it is wrong. I am using “lspci-vvv” to check the PCIE card status, and the two bar space addresses are not allocated correctly. unassigned> ".

I’m going to ignore this problem and I’ll compile my source code into a *. Ko file and then apply “insmod” to load the driver.The driver can be loaded properly, but the sample program cannot be run because of the state of the PCIE interface.

I use “dmesg” to see the information that comes with installing the driver. I’ve read “cant’ enable device: Bar 0 [mem 0x00000000-0x000fffff] not claimed”. This is a deadly problem.

The PCIE card chip is SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA PCIe.

I’ve also tested it on Orin, and they’re consistent.

Sounds like an issue from the device driver. Could you check what function returns that error from the device driver?

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