The power of Xavier NX

I want to use Xavier NX to run Robot, but the battery of robot seems cannot afford the xavier and the opencr platform at the same time.

So I need to buy another battery to support the xavier. I have already known the power watage of xavier nx (9-19V].
But I don’t know how much ampere Xavier Nx can afford ?

I have found a battery . The specification of battery is 5S-1800-25C ( 18.5 Voltage , 1800 mAh , 25C ). Can it support xavier nx for safety ?

Thanks for your reading . Have a nice day.

Sorry, maybe my question is not properly.
I want to know does large ampere inference the NX efficacy ?

Or if the voltage is in the range(9-19v) ,it will be fine.


Your battery can produce a maximum/burst current of 1800 x 25 = 45000mA or 45A.

Xavier NX is rated at 15 Watts at highest performance setting.
18.5 V / 15 W = 0.81A.
Looks like you are safe…

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